Media Training

Media Training

My broadcast experience has opened opportunities to coach government officials, NGO workers, corporate executives, and other professionals on how to present themselves to the media and in front of cameras and the public.

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I moderate and host conferences and international summits with a cross section of topics ranging from environmental, corporate and social issues. Panelists include government officials, heads of states, experts, newsmakers and leaders in their fields.

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Media Consultant

Media Consultant

I have launched some of the world’s most prominent news channels. I joined Al Jazeera English a year before it went to air, and was a key member of the team setting up the news centre in Kuala Lumpur.

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I have been in the broadcast industry for more than two decades, working on almost every aspect of production whether it’s behind the cameras or on-screen. I have extensive experience anchoring live news, and as a correspondent and have worked across the Asia Pacific region covering some of the biggest stories of the decade. I have been part of some of the world’s most reputable news stations including the BBC, CNN and CNBC and Al Jazeera.



Thousands of people turned out in Hong Kong to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the brutal crackdown in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, defying a ban demonstrating during the pandemic. Their aim? To rally against China's moves to impose its legal will in the semi-autonomous region with a strict new national security law. Since this report most of the pro-democracy activists Divya Gopalan spoke to are either in exile or have been arrested.




China’s annual Golden Week holiday has seen hundreds of millions of people taking advantage of relaxed coronavirus restrictions with quick getaways. The week is often called the world's largest annual human migration. Domestic tourist trips are 80 percent of pre-pandemic figures, and many are taking that as a sign the economy is well on the way to recovery.

The worst-hit countries continue to intensify their efforts to contain the new coronavirus. In South Korea, the sale of masks is being restricted to two a week per person. It has more than 7,000 coronavirus cases - the most outside of China. Al Jazeera's Divya Gopalan reports from Hong Kong on how governments in Asia and beyond are tackling the outbreak.

How to take an exam during a pandemic?
Divya Gopalan takes a look at what schools in Hong Kong are doing to make sure their students can safely sit for crucial exams that will decide their future.


United Nations human rights officials are blasting the national security law China imposed two months ago on Hong Kong. Beijing says the crackdown was necessary to bring stability to the semi-autonomous city after months of protests, some of which became violent. But pro-democracy activists and other residents say they are now tormented by fear. Special correspondent Divya Gopalan reports.


In the second week of September 2017, around 300 000 ethnic Rohingya fled Myanmar into Bangladesh. At the overflowing refugee camps they spoke of the torture, the abuse and their immense loss.


THE STREAM -What is really happening to the Rohingya?

The popular show The Stream took stock of the situation of the Rohingya refugees a week after more than 300 000 people crossed the border by speaking to journalists who were on the ground and monitoring the international diplomatic effort


India floods: Families return to devastation

More than 14,00 people have died in the worst floods to hit South Asia in a decade. At least 41 million people have been affected by two months of monsoon rains in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. In India, there is little relief for those returning home.



In 2012 the fatal rape assault of a 23 year old woman sparked some of the most vocal and emotional protests decrying crimes against women. The shocking and brutal attack rocked a nation long known for hushing rape and other sexual crimes. Over the next few weeks, the attack made headlines across the world and exposed the depth of atrocities women and children face in one of the world’s most populous countries.



Entrepreneurs wanting to cash in on digital currency are meeting in Hong Kong, The US federal reserve is warning that digital currencies could pose a threat to global financial stability. They are used by some people to pay for things online, but most users see it as an investment. Al Jazeera’s Divya Gopalan reports.

Living with the threat of a North Korea nuclear attack has become a fact of life for many South Koreans. North Korea's missile and nuclear program overshadows the future of the country and its people. But the unpredictable and erratic behaviour of the leaders in the north, and deteriorating relations have made the prospect of attack more real for many. Divya Gopalan travels to a town bordering the DMZ to find out how people cope with the constant fear.




A survey released earlier this year compared house prices to salaries in 367 cities across nine countries, including Australia, Canada, China, the UK and the United States. The study found Hong Kong is the most unaffordable city.